Here is a Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction Poem I wrote a few days ago. I really like how it turned out, and wanted to share it with you guys. (Though few will get the context. At all.) Also, I do not own Kingdom Hearts.
(Light text is Namine, Dark is Roxas.)

I'll Be Waiting.

I wish I could tell you,
Everything I feel.
Everything I see.
What I think is real.

But I cannot,
As we know well.
For we are nothing.
Emotionless shells.

That’s what they tell us,
That we weren't even,
meant to breathe.

And yet, we are.
Yet, we do.
So, just why should
I not feel you?

When you walk into
my lonely room.
Your hooded face
made out in gloom.

I know that you
are feeling hurt.
is it that I sense it?
Feel it?

But… That’s impossible…
Isn’t it?
We’re nobodies.
We can’t.

Yet we do.
We are.
We breathe.
We exist.

Even if it’s only half a person.
Or, maybe, none at all.
But, I won’t let that stop me.
I’ll catch you if you fall.

I’m tired of pretending.
That I don’t care.
That I don’t feel.
Because I do.

I know I do.
When I see you stand there.
Asking yourself.
Why is it that I am?

When you brush your hand
against the page
Betrayal, sadness,
even rage.

I hate to see you,
look at the window.
See a reflection.
And hate what you see.

I hate to see you,
Sit there in silence.
Wondering, what if.
How things could be.

I want you to look at me,
And give that dorky smirk.
That you copied from your best friend,
That makes my heart jerk.

I want you to see me,
And give that reassuring smile.
That gleam in your eyes.
That makes things worth while.

I want you to see yourself,
The way that I see you.
The way that I know you.
The way that I feel you.

I want you to see yourself.
The way I see you.
The way that I understand,
and put faith in you.

Do you want to know
Just what I see
When I
See you?

I see a boy with dreams, 
and aspirations. 
With a heart full of gold,
and adventure, and truth.

I see a girl who cares,
more than ever.
With understanding in her tone,
And compassion in her heart.

I said heart.
Don’t believe me?
Think again.

With deep, ocean eyes
That carry me away.
That hurts me when they hurt.
Or brightens my day.

With a bright, caring smile.
A calm, gentle voice.
A reassuring whisper.
An encouraging choice.

Someone who gets me…
Who actually understands...
Someone who knows me…
Who’s willing to lend a hand…

Who feels.
Who knows.
Who listens.
Who cares.

Who’s willing to go against what they say.
It doesn’t matter what they think.
We aren’t mistakes.
We were meant to exist.

We can feel.
I know, because I’m doing it right now.
I’m not sure exactly what this feeling is…
But it’s there, and you caused it.

It sort of hurts…
But in a good way.
Like, even though there’s pain...
Everything will be alright.

So, I’ll sit here with my crayons.
And I’ll sit here with my keyblade.
And I’ll think of you,
To help get me through.

I’ll be sitting here waiting,
for that one special day.
When we meet our others,
and won’t ever go away.

I won’t fade into the darkness.
You said I’ll be made whole.
I believe you.
So until then, I’ll wait.

I’ll smile.
I’ll laugh.
Thinking of you.
Wherever you are.

We’ll meet up again.
Someday soon.
And we’ll talk about everything.
You promised.

I’m going to say goodbye now.
But, I won’t let go.
Some memories are not ours.
But these are definitely our own.

Some things we’ll forget.
Some things we’ll let slide.
But not this moment.
Not this night.

Just promise me
That the time that we meet
It will be soon
Because I don’t want to wait.

I promise.
I promise.

One more thing…

love you.


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