Lonely, broken faces
On the outside, looking in.
How can we go on,
Without looking back at them?

Lonely, broken faces
With no place to call home.
How can we move forward,
When they have no where to go?

Lonely, broken faces
Cringing from the pain.
Trying to escape.
Crying in the rain.

Lonely, broken faces
Pleading through their eyes.
Praying through their tears,
When words were hollow cries.

Lonely, broken hearts
Barely keeping pulse.
Try to catch a breath,
But air is not enough.

Lonely, broken ears
Pierced by all the screams.
The lies that they were fed,
Ripping them at the seams.

Lonely, broken eyes
Staring at the world.
But getting shoved aside,
and left out in the cold.

Lonely broken faces
lying on the ground.
Close their tired eyes,
And try to block the sound.

They drift to sleep with lullabies
Of save the earth, and what it's worth,
Yet kill the children, and stop their birth. 
Their silent cries remain unheard.

And while we lay here in our beds,
And say our prayers for blessings yet,
They lay there in the dirty streets,
with tattered clothes and worn out feet.

And while we stay here, nice and warm, 
they're all out there, inside the storm. 
And while we slowly close our eyes, 
the nightmares haunt them with our lies.

While we were sleeping, they were hurting.
While we were sleeping they were bleeding.
While we were sleeping, they were fearful.
While we were sleeping, they were needing.

While we were sleeping, they were restless.
While we were sleeping, they were crying.
While we were sleeping, they were pleading.
While we were sleeping, they were dying.

Won't someone please tell me, how long will this night last?


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